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Mrs Kafayat Temitope Kareem is 30 today. To God be the glory. I met my wife 10 years ago, when she was 20. We have been friends for a decade now. So, I will like to share 30 interesting things about her on her 30th birthday.

1. She likes reading Novel

2. She is a fashionista

3. She is exceptionally kind

4. She is very emotional

5. She is beautiful in and out.

6. She likes giving

7. She served as the Vice President of PANS in pharmacy school.

8. Her best colour is pink

9. She is intentional about fitness

10. Her best food is rice

11. She grew up in Mushin Olosa.

12. Her handwriting is very fine.

13. She values integrity

14. She is a good planner

15. Her word is her bond

16. She believes in people

17. She is the last born of the family

18. She is not very active on social media.

19. She is attached to excellence

20. She is a good dancer

21. She always have many admirers

22. She is a lover of heels

24. She has the gift of bringing out the best in others.

25. She worries about his family and friends

26. She doesn’t like sweeping

27. She is an amazing cook.

28. She can read the arabic quran

29. She is a righteous and virtuous woman

30. She loves Sesan Kareem (wink).

Happy 30th birthday Olori SK. I wish you unparalleled long life in prosperity, good health and happiness. May God grant all your heart desires. You are a special gift from God to me. Thank you for being you. Thank you for contributing to my peace, joy and love. I love Olayinka.