Sesan Kareem training participants at Paxo Annual Conference 2019

There are many things that touch my head but there are few things that touch my heart.

Below are 3 life events that touch my hearts.

  1. The birth of a new born; it is exhilarating how two infinitesimal sperms will come together to form the most complex of God’s creation, a human being. The lesson here is great things start really small. Just take those small steps daily and your miracle is on the way.
  2. The death of human being; death is so unpredictable yet quite certain for all of us. It can happen to anyone, anytime, any day and anywhere. The lesson here is stop postponing what you have to do today till tomorrow, there is no guarantee in life. But most importantly, stop postponing your happiness.
  3. The Emotions that drive human; it is quite powerful yet subtle. I have seen quite intelligent people who were taken over by emotions. Regardless of how strong we are, emotion is stronger than us. The lesson here is your emotion determines your motion. If we can be in charge of our emotions we can take control of our life. I keep trying my best to be in charge of my feelings. It is not easy, but we must keep trying.

We shall succeed

Sesan Kareem