Sesan Kareem Honours with Award of Excellence at UNILORIN


It’s a brand new dawn and a brand new month of May. Peaceful morning to you, Your Excellency.

Whenever I have the opportunity of asking people what they really want out of life, their number one answer is “I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY.” Which is a good answer. Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed that HAPPINESS is something we achieve in the future not in the present. People will often say, when I get marry I will be happy, when I buy my dream car or publish my first book or get my dream job, then, I will be happier.


More often than not, people work for decades looking for happiness that they can create in a moment. So, let me share just 3 out of 11 scientific ways that had been proven to make people become happier regardless of their stages in life.

These are

1. Live in the moment: many people in our world are unhappy, frustrated or even depressed because they live in the PAST. Their past mistakes, failures, pains, hurts still affect them because they live in the past and they are using the past to destroy NOW, this moment. Others, are anxious about the future, they worry about what will happen in the future that is not yet here and they use that to destroy NOW, this moment. If you want a HAPPIER life, live in this moment. Learn from your past, plan for your future but stay happy in this moment.

2. Count your blessings every moment: some people are so negative that if they enter a dark room they will start developing. They concentrate on all the negative aspects of every moment instead of all the positive things in that moment. A research conducted in the university of California revealed that gratitude reduces cortisol, the stress hormone by 23%. In other words, gratitude reduces stress and increases your energy, mood and state. Count your blessings one by one and show profit.


3. Create your own happiness: Happiness is an inside job. If we put our happiness in the hands of anyone or anything regardless of how close our relationship, we are on own own. Happiness is 80% intrinsic, 20% extrinsic (my own findings). The best anyone outside us can contribute to our HAPPINESS is 20%. But we can create our own happiness, the 80% by doing what we love doing with passion and sincerity as well as sharing happiness with others instead of expecting people to make us happy.

I’m always excited talking about the science and art of happiness. Many people in our world right now are suffering for nothing and we can help them. Share this and help them out.

My speaking engagement is more about fulfilment (Happiness) than success (Achievements) because success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

Live in this moment, count your blessings this moment and create your own happiness this moment and you will BE HAPPIER IN THIS MOMENT.

Many thanks for reading.


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