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Life is filled with challenges, and if we are not conscious about how to effectively handle life twists and turns it can be pretty frustrating.

The environment is also very competitive and it is easy to compare the quality of our lives with others and feel stressed. As a spiritual being, there is also an innate desire within us to grow and become more. And when we are not growing, we are not happy. However, with a little bit of insights we can handle life uncertainties in a calm manner.

Below are my 3 result-oriented tips to experience personal freedom from worries, doubts, anxiety, fear and stress.

1. Face the truths – Life is a combination of both; the good and the ugly, good times and bad times. So, things might be difficult right now, but it would become better with patience and action. Don’t expect life to be fair to you at all times, the bitter truth is life is not fair. Therefore, when things aren’t going your way don’t take it personal, that is life for you.

2. Never worry – Studies have shown that 92% of people’s worries are in genuine; 40% of people worry about what might happen in the future that never happened, 30% of people worry on what had happened that they can never changed, 12% of people worry unnecessary on their health and the remaining 10% are miscellaneous worries. The genuine worries are 8%; those we can do something about and those we cannot do anything about. Worry and doubts create fear, fear becomes anxiety and anxiety metamorphoses to disease and disintegration. Overcome the negative habit of unnecessary worries in your life.

3. Seek understanding: if you are not getting desired results in a particular area in your life it simply means you don’t know what to do to get it right or you are not doing what is right to get results or you just need to trust the process. Seek understanding through learning. And when you have the insights needed, you experience faith, faith leads to confidence and action, which often result into desired outcomes.

Many people are slaves to fears, worries, doubts, limitations, sufferings and unhappiness. I strongly believe the above guide if apply would help people to break that prison of negativity in their minds and experience life fully. A life of absolute freedom. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life?

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