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By Sesan Kareem

7 Books That Will Add Value To Your Life Journey

Reading a good book can make a lot of difference in one’s life. Many successful people are products of good books.

Below are 7 Books that will help you to perform at peak level, become more productive and experience inner transformation.

1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg will help you to understand how habits shape results, why you do what you do, how to replace bad habits and simple strategies to develop success habits and keystone habits. The Power of Habit will help you to develop success rituals and mindset.

2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle deconstruct the diseases of the heart; fear and regret and also share a practical steps to live in the moment, be above any problem and begin to live life to the fullest in each moment.

3. The Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a self-help book on financial intelligence that demystify many issues concerning money and prosperity. Using the mindset of both his real father (Poor Dad) and his friend’s father (Rich Dad) Robert explained why financial success is a mindset and not by background.

4. The 80/20 Principles by Richard Koch reiterates the power of priority. It reveals the importance of focusing on results over action, productivity over activity and performance over busyness. It is a practical step to achieve maximum productivity and peak performance in various areas of life.

5. Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley shares how powerful the brain is to learn and remember information if we learn how to learn in the right way. The author who is a grandmaster of memory shared simple but useful strategies to learn faster, retain information and be more productive.

6. The 5 AM Club by leadership guru Robbin Sharma explains the need to start our day in a positive and productive manner by making the best use of the first few hours of the day to develop our spirituality (soulset), our emotion (heartset), our physical body (healthset) as well as our brain (mindset). Sharma in his usual fun, story telling style helps the reader understand the need to start their day well everyday.

7. Life Is Short But Its really worth it by Sesan Kareem reminds the reader about how short the journey of life is, why they need to live a life of meaning and purpose and how they can make each moment counts by understanding the real purpose of life. It is recommended for anyone who aspires to live a good life and leave a worthy legacy behind.

I have read the entire chapters of some of these books while I just studied the summary of others. They inspire, energize and guide me to understand myself better and become a better version of me.

I would like to hear your comment on any of this book you have read before.