You are currently viewing 7 THINGS YOU MISS ABOUT IT’S IN YOU, NOVEMBER 2018 EDITION.


November 2018 edition has come and gone. Below are 7 things that happened you need to know.

1. One of our participants, Mr. Akinwunmi wife gave birth this morning and despite it he came for the seminar. He said, ” It’s really worth it to leave my wife and newborn just to be here. I have learnt a lot about attitude and how it shapes my results. I will tell my colleagues about this seminar, they must not miss the next edition.

2. Maryam is a 17 year old student who attended the seminar. She said “I came because my parents want me to come. I am grateful to them because I now have an edge over most of my mates.

3. As our tradition, It’s in you started 12 noon prompt. There is no African time in our culture.

4. The questions and answers session was robust. It gave participants opportunity to ask personal questions.

5. The feedback from the participants was WOW. To God be the glory.

6. It’s in you was entertaining, educating and empowering. Below are FEW quotes from Sesan Kareem

A. Your past does not equal your future except you live in the past. You are not your mistakes. You are not your challenges. You are not your problems. You are blessed and highly favoured.

B. As human beings we have 3 distinct parts; the body, the mind and the soul. Our body is a collection of food. Our mind is a collection of information. They both came from external sources. What we really are is a spiritual being that lives in a physical body and uses intellectual mind.

C. Just like we feed our body with food, our mind with information through the 5 senses. We must also feed our soul with gratitude on a regular basis.

7. Part of IT’S IN YOU was shared on Instagram live. Follow @sesankareem on Instagram to take a view.

Ebere Ogbonna
Project Coordinator