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89th National Annual PSN Conference: A Conference Like Never Before

The 89th National Annual Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria had come and gone and just like the Conference Planning Committee(CPC) chairman, Pharm. Gbenga Olubowale, FPSN promised, it was a conference like never before in all ramifications. It was a great experience, pleasing memories and a good history that will always linger in the heart of our hearts for a long time to come. I can say without any iota of a doubt in my mind that PSN National Annual Conference is now PSN INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE. Colleagues from United Kingdom, United States of America, France and other parts of the world join us to make this year’s conference an experience like never before. From registration, exhibition, programme, leisure, food to media and every other aspect of the conference, a new international standard was achieved and set.

Let me use this medium to congratulate the CPC, LOC, all Nigerian pharmacists and most importantly, our visionary leader Pharm Ahmed Ibrahim Yakasai, FPSN who is leading by example for a successful conference like never before. I firmly believe with every fibre of my being that the 90th PSN National Conference Abia 2017, rather, let me say the 90th PSN INTERNATIONAL Conference Abia 2017 will be bigger and better because we believe that there is always a room for improvement and the BEST is yet to come as PSN Conference is concerned.

I’m always proud to be a pharmacist and I’m blessed and highly favoured to be a member of this noble profession and PSN.

Together we are stronger.

Kindly download the communique of this year’s conference by clicking on this link,


Pharm Sesan A. Kareem