On April 2, 2019 at 7:25 am I had the honour to hold you in my hands for the first time after months of listening to your quickening in your mum’s womb. Immediately I held you in my hands I knew you were destined for greatness.

My daughter, you are here to do good. Therefore, any opportunity life gives you to do good please do it. Be good, spread kindness and surround yourself with good people. There is no reward for good other than good in this world and the hereafter.

My princess, what you need to live a good life is a pure heart, a peaceful soul, a sharp mind, a healthy body and the will to learn, grow and succeed. Every other thing is an addendum.

Semilore, my princess, put your entire trust in Allah who lives and never dies. Not on anyone; not in me, or your mum but in Him alone. We won’t be here forever, but He will always be your Protector, Provider, Helper and Sustainer.

Zahra, I would strive hard to give you the best of comfort, education, training and lay a solid foundation for you and hopefully your other siblings. However, this journey of life is yours and yours alone. You must put your destiny in your hands, take charge of your life and write your own story. You are the author of your life pages and chapters.

Finally, life will test your resolve my beloved daughter. There will be tough times and dark moments. So, always remember who you are and what is in you; you are the vicegerant of the earth, a leader of men, the light of the world, a believer and a problem solver. Within you is enormous power, potential and possibilities. Never ever forget who you are and what is in you my princess. Never ever forget.

I wish you unparalleled long life in prosperity, good health, happiness, love, fun and success. May Allah send you destiny helpers and guide you to the straight path.

You are my pride and I am proud of you.

I love you my princess.

Happy 1st birthday.

Your daddy,

Sesan Kareem

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