Achievers strive for success, super achievers strive for significance. Achievers make a difference; super achievers make a difference in people who want to make a difference. Achievers find a way to accomplish their goals, super achievers find a way to achieve their organizations’ goals. Achievers forum connects leaders, professionals and managers of all ages from various walks of life with super achievers in the society who will help them to grow and become better so that they can achieve quicker and grander result.


Running and managing a business is quite rewarding and pretty challenging. Business leaders must continuously improve themselves, refine their strategies, work on their mindsets, raise the bar and up their games if they are keen to help their organizations to keep growing regardless of the environment.

To geometrically grow a unit, department and the entire organization, business leaders need mastery not dabbling.

Achievers Forum; Business and Health Mastery provide the platform where business leaders and professionals learn from one another. The quality of our facilitators and the interactive style of communication will help you and your organization to always find a way to move forward.

When the business leaders of an organization grow and become better, automatically, the productivity, profitability and all other key performance indicators of an organization also grow.

This workshop is ONLY for individuals and organizations that are hungry for more out of life and are determined to grow geometrically and stay competitive in this highly volatile business world. Training topics are intended for business leaders, managers and professionals who take business decisions on a regular basis. By the end of this program, participants should have an increased understanding about how to grow their companies in order to have an edge over their competitors in the market they serve, to better understand the reason why marketing and innovation are the two most important elements in being relevant in this business world.


The workshop is highly engaging, interactive, and practical, providing participants with the opportunity to practice the skills learned throughout the day. In addendum to various presentations by the facilitators, we use case studies, group discussions, role plays and a robust questions and answers session.



At the end of this course, participants are expected to be able to;

-Understand the need for organizational growth

-Know how to achieve peak performance and maximum productivity with their team

-Be familiar with effective strategies to achieve their organizations goals, objectives, mission and vision.

-Be able to make better business decisions

-Understand why people do what they do and how to influence people to get results.

-be equipped with how to better engage their team members

- Manage stress and lead a healthy life



-Maximum Productivity and Peak Performance.

-Personal Development

-World-Class Strategic Marketing

-Selling with kindness

-Organizational Growth strategies

-Developing the mindset of successful business leaders.

-Goal Settings and Purposeful Living

-Stress management and healthy living.

-Leadership of the 21st Century.



Managing Directors, CEOs, Business owners, Human Resource Managers, Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers, Operation Managers, Sales Managers, Store Managers, Professionals and Senior Medical Representatives.


The faculty is a group of successful business owners, leaders, managers and professionals who have been able to demonstrate excellent leadership in their different organizations for decades. Some of our board of advisors will be facilitating. Our board comprises of eminent Nigerians and business leaders like Ahmed Yakasai, Lere Baale, Jumoke Olukoya, Omaruaye Ogheneochuko, Charles Ajibo and Bashir Mustapha. We also have other experts apart from the board that would be facilitating.