Sesan Kareem at Achievers Business Forum 2020


“With all honesty, words cannot really describe this experience. The programme is really impactful. ” – Mr. Jagun

“It is a paradigm shift for me and has helped me in my self awareness discovery. ” – Mr. Oseni

“Focus will receive new focus. Productivity will receive new attention.” Sir Onyechi

Above were 3 out of numerous heart warming feedbacks we received at the end of Achievers Business Forum 5.0, February 18th and 19th, 2020 at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja.

Our sincere appreciation goes to our esteemed facilitators for sharing the truths with us on technology, people, organizational transformation and profitability. We believe, these truths when apply will take us and our organizations to the next level in this new decade.

To all our participants and their organisations, we say thank you for being part of this year’s experience. To top CEOs (Sir Onyechi, Mr. Omaruaye, Mr. Lawal, Mr. Opakunle and co.) who personally came to the event out of their busy schedule we celebrate you sirs.

To our partners in progress; Double Xclusive prints (Our official branding company) thank you for creating magic with all our branding materials. Online academy (Our official web designer), thank you for revitalizing our website prior to this programme. Adelovely Creativity World (Official photographer) special thanks for capturing every moment. Ty Pro Video Production (Official Video Production company) , Mr. Tayo and the team, we appreciate your professionalism. Pharmanews (Official Media Partner) Many thanks to Sir Atueyi, Mr. Moshood and Omolola for your media support. Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, Sincere thanks to Mr. Roberts and Toyin for their hospitality.

To MAREEK board of advisor and team members (Ebere, Sulaimon and Co.) , I salute you.

To my wife, mum, Deji Abimbola, Mr. Segun Sarumi, Imam Abdul Semiu Ajani, Imam Mahroof Abdul Azeez Onike (Thank you sir for the encouragement and prayer, I really appreciate sir) Imam Onike reached out to me four times before and during this event, Emmanuel Obaseki (Emmanuel sent me recharge cards a day before as his own support, God bless you Emmanuel) and everyone who shared our fliers, encourage, support and advice us, we say Nagode.

We have set a new standard. Together, we must strive hard to maintain, sustain and improve on it the next time. I will continue to count on all your support.

To the Giver and Taker of Life, The Wise who grant people wisdom, we thank Him for the gift of life and the wisdom to be a blessing to others and stand for excellence.

Yours in Service


Sesan Kareem
Achievers Business Forum

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