Achievers Forum


In 8-16 hours, Achievers Forum will help you understand the fundamentals impacting your growth and happiness right now; then refocus and re-engineer you with the strategies and mindset you need to DOMINATE and INNOVATE, in any market.

It is a fact of life that massive execution guarantees results. Achievers Forum strategically breaks down the innovative road map used by super achievers and industry leaders to help you discover what to stop doing, keep doing and start doing to take your life, career, business and organization to the next level.

You will also learn strategies to set smart goals, improve your life, achieve growth in all facets of your life, become happier, smarter and better every day.


At Achievers Forum, you will learn the systematic methods to identify and resolve every issue not yet tackled by you and your team. By viewing and evaluating your life through Sesan’s 3 Forces of Life Mastery, you will be able to prioritize your life’s needs.

Explore how to determine, understand and sequence your approach to building momentum and maximizing results:

  1. Acquire the RIGHT Knowledge: Knowledge is from two key words KNOW and EDGE. For an Organization to have an edge over others, the team must be ahead in terms of KNOW-HOW. Know what they really want with crystal clarity and be strategic in getting what they want. Knowledge is power. And the application of the right knowledge is the ultimate power.
  2. Develop the RIGHT Skills: Skill is the ongoing application of knowledge through practice, experience and training. The right skills of marketing, management, leadership, communication, negotiation, and customer service just to name a few will take individuals as well as organizations to great heights.
  3. Imbibe the RIGHT Attitude: I define attitude as the way individuals or group think or feel that determine the way they The right attitude of FAITH, HOPE, OPTIMISM, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMMITMENT and FOCUS will take individuals and organizations to new heights.