Activity is different from PRODUCTIVITY
Movement is different from ACHIEVEMENT
Rushing around is different from RESULT

Achievement, productivity and result are products of PLANNING and PREPARATION. I’ve made it a habit to PLAN my day, my week, my month and year by writing down my goals.

You see, anytime I’m invited to facilitate a training or a speaking engagement, my clients are always amazed with my performance and insight. But sincerely, the real performance had been achieved during the long hours I put in my PREPARATION. Champions are made during the long hours of preparation, the main event is just a rehearsal for them.

Recently, I was discussing with a colleague at the just concluded 89th PSN National conference in Minna and he said, “Sesan, You’re so lucky as a young man.” I said, “Yes of course. I’m quite lucky. Be prepared and you will also be lucky. LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity. ”

Anytime i’m trying to get things done as quickly as possible. I always discuss with myself, I will say relax bro, cool down champion, success is not about rushing to win the RACE, it is about His GRACE.

Your Excellency, plan your day today and keep doing it everyday (write down your goals). Be prepared daily for opportunities. And you will be LUCKY.

May the good Lord continue to enlarge our COAST.

Have a blessed day ahead.

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Many thanks for reading.


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