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  1. What do I need to become an affiliate?
    Nothing! Except your desire to be an affiliate.
    You don’t even need a website (although having your own website helps). You can promote our program (events and resources) to your friends, family and colleagues via social media networks, postings in forums, or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your affiliate link attached to our product. All you need to do is to send a visitor to our program page on and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get commission.
  2. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?
    The program is based on transparency. When the visitors purchase any of our program and pay for the product, they will use your unique affiliate code to make payment and then, we credit your account with up to 20% of the purchase value.
    This process is absolutely reliable. All your referrals will be properly tracked.
  3. How and when will I be paid?
    Affiliates are paid upon confirmed purchase and delivery of program (events and resources).Our payment date is on the Friday of the second week of the next month. Payment is made through Bank/Wire Transfer.
  4. How do I set up an account?
    Setting up an account is very easy and it’s completely FREE. You don’t have to pay for becoming an affiliate in our company. All you need to sign up is to go to the Signup Form below and fill it out. After a review from our affiliate manager, you will receive email with your unique sales code. As our affiliate, you will be given banners, text links and other tools you need to succeed. We will also give you online exposure to our events and special discounts to any of our resources. Then you only need to inform your friends, family, colleagues and general public about our life transforming event.

PS: Experiencing one of our events will give you added advantage to talk about your own experience and how you become a better person to others.

  1. What is the affiliate link?
    Affiliate link is a special URL where you should be sending the visitors to register for our program. It is important to share your unique ID for those purchasing our events or resources. We can only trace payments to you through your unique ID.
  2. Can I promote you through pay-per-click search engines?
    YES! You can promote us through pay-per-click search engines. In fact, this type of promotion becomes increasingly popular and we are aware of several affiliates who are interested in promoting our programs in this way and making a very good profit. – why not you?
  3. Do you have any training program for affiliates?
    Yes, basics of affiliate marketing and most useful tips are described in our affiliate newsletter.
    If you are serious with earning your income as an affiliate, we recommend excellent book Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day.
  4. What must I do NOW?
    Few simple steps:
    1. Go to the Signup Form Below
    2. Fill out the form
    3. Receive your unique ID and other info by email
    4. Receive your promotional materials (banners/links)
    5. Share this opportunity with your friends and family through social media, email and/or your blog.
    6. Receive up to 20% commission and earn as you desire.


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