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Based On Belief

Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency.

It’s okay to BELIEF in your people, in your community and in humanity at large. But it is better to BELIEF in yourself. There is no discipline you cannot learn. There is no goal you cannot achieve. There isn’t any book you cannot read. There is no exam you cannot pass. There is no skill or attitude you cannot DEVELOP.

Many people in our world today have excuses not to ACT on their dreams because they don’t belief in themselves. On the flip side, there are a myriad of people who ACT on their dreams, but deep inside them they are not convinced that they will get results. So, they couldn’t just PROGRESS in life because of their BELIEF system. What a paradox!

If you belief in yourself, you will endure the difficult times. If you belief in your brighter future you will never give up or settle for less than you deserve. Just because things are not working out now, doesn’t mean it won’t work out soon. BELIEF that you will get your dream job, BELIEF that you will find an internship placement, BELIEF that you can turn your business around, BELIEF that you will find your soul mate. Just BELIEF, take action when the action comes, remove all forms of doubt in your mind.

Remember, Faith moves mountain. And anyone who has ever achieved great success in life first BELIEF in themselves and their dreams before EXPERIENCING them.

Have a blessed week ahead.


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