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Mr. Lere Baale is responsible for accelerating the growth of the Business School Netherlands, Nigeria as the President/CEO by motivating and leading a team of experts to build effective and innovative learning and development solutions called Experiential Action Learning. Also develops and implements global leadership and Organizational Effectiveness strategies with a hands-on approach to ensure execution excellence across a fast paced matrixed organization. Responsible for leadership and employee development strategy, programs and processes while serving as a leader to attract, grow, develop and retain leaders and employees around the territory. Primary focus is on business and performance drivers and how they translate into innovative learning and organization effectiveness solutions. A key driver in advancing innovative and performance focused Talent and Organization Effectiveness strategies.

He is a visionary Leader and Passionate Entrepreneur who is leveraging on his rich enterprise architecting, leadership, inspirational and strategic transformation experience within FMCG, Telecoms and Higher Education industries to create and translate visions into reality in order to manage businesses that seek to take advantage of opportunities in developing economies of Africa & Middle East. An ex-member of the Governing Management Board of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. Has over four decades of business management experience in leading world class global firms including – Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals where he also served as Regional Director supervising projects on leading/driving change, marketing, strategy management, customer performance culture, organizational efficiency, learning and development covering over 32 countries in East, Central & West Africa, rebuilding a local subsidiary of the biggest global pharmaceutical firm afresh starting from ground zero in Nigeria in 1997 to cover over 22 countries by 2006.

He is acclaimed to be a humble, enthusiastic, hardworking visionary who is willing to build on the promise of the future. A formidable Captain with great powers of concentration, extra-ordinary self-discipline, quiet self-assurance, and unshakable resolve; who is blessed with outstanding strategic focus, strength and drive to set and stay in the course of clear strategic direction. Talented with exceptional leadership skills to do what is right, but with foresight and respect for innovation. Has been given the highest Fellowship honours and awards by different professional bodies like Pharmacists in West Africa, (WAPCP), Nigeria (NAP, PSN), Industrial (NAIP), Marketing (MMEF) etc.


Lere Baale is the Regional Director of Howes Consulting Group for Africa-Middle East, a special purpose vehicle for Centre for Management & Organizational Effectiveness USA. He is a Certified Consultant with focus on Strategy, Leadership, Marketing and Systems. He has over 30 years of business management experience in leading FMCG world class global corporations. He was Director of Strategy in Globacom, and also served as Regional Executive Director for East, Central and West Africa in Pfizer. LB is currently on the board of directors of multinationals firms including CMOE, Business School Netherlands, Justrite, Montserrat Telecoms, Integra8 Telecoms, Westgate Healthcare, and Howes Group. He currently serves the community a Mentor/Facilitator of FATE Foundation. Lere’s primary focus now covers Strategy, Leadership, Structure and Business Process Reengineering. He is handling several strategic projects in various industries like telecoms, energy including oil and gas, banking, insurance, and other financial institutions, pharmaceuticals and public sector. Lere has provided transformational leadership on projects like strategy, marketing, sales, customer service, branding, teamwork, leadership, talent review and business process reengineering.

An alumnus of Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, Haggai Leadership Institute, Lagos Business School, University of Lagos, Ahmadu Bello University, Business School Netherlands and other world class educational institutions across the world.

Mr. Baale will be teaching us on Leadership of the 21st century businesses during the upcoming Achievers Forum on February 21 and 22, 2018 at Business School Netherlands.

In 2007, I listened to Mr. Lere Baale as an undergraduate in pharmacy school and my life never remain the same. His personality, words and actions changed my life.

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