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Our past doesn’t equal our future except we keep living in the PAST.

Many super achievers started their careers with massive failures, big mistakes and some even developed bad habits, but they became high achievers because they made new choices and decisions not to live in the PAST but to chart a new course. Abraham Lincoln failed miserably, Barack Obama had bad habit of smoking, Nelson Mandela made mistakes in his first marriage…..

Your Excellency, biography is not destiny. We can start all over again; set new goals, create new dreams, develop new habits, cultivate new belief system and achieve new heights.

Perhaps, you’re still living in your past. Stop it and start anew. No matter how great your past was, the best is yet to come. Great heights always await us if we stop living in the past but focus on tomorrow by being the best today.

No matter how bad people’s past might look, they can transform their lives, become whoever and whatever they want to become.

What aspect of your past is stopping you from being your BEST and enjoying every moment of your life? What are the limitations you’ve set for yourself because of your past failures or mistakes? How can you use the past ONLY as a mentor to plan for today and tomorrow?

Always remember, our past doesn’t equal our FUTURE except we live in the past. We can have a fresh start, a new direction, a new strategy by making better choices and decisions. The power lies within US.

Start all over again. Set new standard, belief in yourself, learn from your past, enjoy today by doing your BEST and be excited about your FUTURE.

How was your night? Have a blessed week ahead. Peaceful morning.

Many thanks for reading.


SK-HEALS [ Health Strategist | Entrepreneur | Administrator | Leadership Teacher | Self Development Trainer]