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BUSINESS MASTERY (The Two Fundamentals of Successful Businesses)

Peaceful morning this morning your Excellency. May the good Lord continue to enlarge your COAST.

Business mastery series continues….


Last time on this series, we established the fact that everyone who is serious of achieving financial security or freedom must be a student of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. We are hired and can be fired by our organisations or circumstances or retirement. So, it’s in our best interest to master business.


According to Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, business has two major fundamentals; INNOVATION and MARKETING. All other aspects of the business like operation, accounting, legal, human resources etc are also quite important but innovation and marketing are the two pillars of successful businesses.


Innovation is the essence of starting a business and growing it. If you don’t have a new idea or initiative you are bringing in to the market place, there is no need of starting a new business because the business has already failed. If a company doesn’t keep evolving itself, definitely it will become stagnant and died. What is your Unique Value Preposition you are bringing to the market place? What makes you different from your competitors? What is the that unique benefits, advantage and transformational impact you add to your clients because they are dealing with you?

Simply put; innovation is the essence of starting a business. You must be DIFFERENT.

Yesterday, February 26, 2017, I facilitated as a resource person in a leadership workshop and the feedbacks from the participants after my session were based on how unique I am as a BRAND and the transformational impact and unique experience I’ve added to their lives.

Be different. Be creative. Be ingenious.


Marketing is the distinguishing factor of a business. As a business we must constantly and CONSISTENTLY communicate the benefits, advantages and transformational impact of doing business with us to our customers. One of the big mistakes I made at the beginning of my business was not marketing consistently and intentionally. You know, if a brand like Coca cola, MTN or Nestlé market themselves on Television, Radio, Billboard and other media every time nobody blames them, they are doing business. But, when a personal brand like me keep bombarding the airspace with my marketing most times, some people aren’t comfortable.

However, people will not be looking for us no matter how good we are in what we do, especially at the beginning of our enterprise, we must reach out to them and tell them what we can do and the value we can add to them and their businesses.

Today, I’m mastering marketing because I found out that I have some of the best ideas in the world that can help people get lasting RESULTS within a short while if they apply them but until I build a BRAND and market that brand I will not have what I deserve as an entrepreneur.

In brief, marketing makes all the difference in your success as an entrepreneur.

Remember, the two fundamentals of successful businesses are INNOVATION and MARKETING.


1. Write out what makes you and your business unique and different to your competitors.

2. Use the answers in question 1 to come up with your story you will be sharing with your customers.

3. Market your uniqueness and benefits consistently to your clients. Many thanks for reading.


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