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I believe that FEAR is good, but what is bad is allowing fear to stop us from making our lives a masterpiece.

Fear can imply two things;
1.Forget Everything And Run. Or
2. Face Everything And Rise

Your Excellency, which one will you pick?

I believe that everything we really want in life is on the other side of FEAR. So, what is the antidote to FEAR? Massive ACTION.

Why action works against fear so much? 95% of our fears are created by our own imagination. It doesn’t exist. Think about this; what happened to all those fears or doubts you have 2, 5 or 10 years ago about your life, relationship, career, and more ? They didn’t happen at all. Isn’t? Great!

Today, what is one small action (not big one) you can take towards your goal despite your fear that will boost your CONFIDENCE going forward. Like NIKE, just do it.

I wish i had more time this morning to share additional insights on this. However, always remember that everything you want in life is on the other side of fear and fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real.

ACT on your goal NOW!

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Many thanks. I salute you.

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