In the last chapter of my book, The Secrets of a Fulfilled Life, I discussed HOW TO HAVE A FULFILLED LIFE. The last key I wrote about is GRATITUDE. They Key stone to abundance, happiness and fulfilment is GRATITUDE.

Let me explain why and how GRATITUDE is the master key. We can only be GRATEFUL if we count our blessings and show profit. Oh yes, we can only appreciate God’s grace in our lives if we have anchored contentment and focus on what is RIGHT in our world rather than our challenges, obstacles or problems (which are integral part of life).

Abundance is a mindset, someone will always be richer than us, but with gratitude we realise the concept of ENOUGH. Often times, people ask me after a speaking engagement how to stay happy despite their big dreams they are yet to fulfil. My response often goes like this “be grateful for where you are, what you have and WHO you are then you will be happy. However, if your happiness is tied to something you want to achieve in the future, I’m sorry you will wait in perpetuity for a long time to be Happy. Because as humans we must have new goals and dreams we are working towards.”

Fulfilment has to do with our spirit. It is the highest need of human being according to Maslow’s hierarchy of need and other relevant researches. But the secret is this you can be fulfilled, with deep satisfaction about your life this MOMENT if you just concentrate on your blessings and give sincere thanks. It’s magical, just try it out.

Do you want to be happier and more fulfilled ? always give sincere THANKS throughout your day. When you pass by someone who cannot see, give thanks, when you meet someone who is begging for help, give thanks, when you finish eating, give thanks, let your days be filled with sincere thanks and you’re on your way to abundant life.


Dear Kareem, I completed reading your book “The Secrets Of A Fulfilled Life” this morning. I found the book immensely readable with its measure of ORIGINALITY simply amazing. I highly recommend the book to people of all walks of life and all ages. I wish you more power to your elbows. From Pharm Edwin Obande: MD,Ofeta Consulting & Rep, Epiphany SWS (USA). (I asked for Mr Obande’s permission to use his feedback)

Have you bought a copy of “The Secrets of a Fulfilled Life ” without reading it? then start today. Perhaps, you’ve started but yet to finish the book, set a deadline to read the remaining part of the book? Above all, just apply the principles and you will become BETTER everyday.

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