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HEALTH MASTERY SERIES (Definition of Terms)

Peace be unto you. Blessed morning.

This month health mastery series continues today with definition of terms. Remember, it is all about health mastery, not health dabbling or health wishing.

What is Health?

According to World Health Organisation, Health is defined as a COMPLETE state of well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. In other words, for someone to be truly healthy, five things must be in place.

1. Physical well-being
2. Emotional well-being
3. Mental well-being
4. Social well-being
5. Spiritual well-being

A person may be physical fit and strong, but if he is emotional unfit (suffering from depression or perpetual stress) then, he is not healthy. A person may be physically and emotionally sound, but if he is suffering from mental disorder (Bipolar disorder, psychosis, or forgetfulness) then he is not healthy.

Are you truly healthy? Are you experiencing a complete health? In these five keys of total health, which one do you need to work on?

What is wellness?

According to National Institute of Wellness, wellness is simply defined as a CONSCIOUS, SELF-DIRECTED and EVOLVING process of achieving full potential. Interesting! Is wellness really all about achieving our full potentials? Yes, it is. That is why I’m a full potential coach.

Wellness is a CONSCIOUS process. In this light, for us to achieve our full potentials we must be intentional and mindful about our lifestyle. Leading a good and healthy life will never happen haphazardly.

Wellness is a SELF-DIRECTED process. For us to experience complete health we must take 100% responsibility. Our parents, siblings, partner or best friend will not help us to eat right, sleep well or perform any other functions that will lead to a complete health. If it’s going to be it’s up to me.

Wellness is an EVOLVING process. It is not a day job, it is a daily job. It’s a lifetime project, a daily routine. We must keep on making the right choices and decisions concerning our health everyday and all days of our life. The earlier we started, the better for us.

Are you taking 100% responsibility concerning your health? Are you mindful and concious about your lifestyle? What importance do you need to place on wellness from this moment?

You see, health is the foundation of a good life. Most highly successful people know this and put premium on their health. They realise that for them to achieve their full potentials, health is a MUST and not an option. Be like us.

Remember, this series is not about increased KNOWLEDGE but changed Behaviour. Act now.

Do you have any question? kindly talk to us today.

It’s only fair if you share this to your friends and family. Pass the baton of this insight to others and this is how we can make our world a better place.

Many thanks for reading and applying.