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It’s still a brand new month in a brand new year, your Excellency. I’m glad to be back after taking some break to reflect.

2017 is our year of abundance; abundant blessings, abundant achievements, abundant grace, abundant joy, abundant breakthrough. Just be prepared, because everything in your life this year will be massive. Huge. Yes I mean H-U-G-E. I wish you a blessed and peaceful 2017.

Throughout this month of January, I will be sharing insights, strategies and tactics on health and wellness. To achieve our big hairy audacious goals in 2017, the bedrock is good health. Without good health, every other aspect of our lives can never be the same (Relationship, Finance, Business, Purpose etc.)

In the past 15 years have been in the hospital to stand by my family and friends, whether they are giving birth or taking good care of their ill health. I’ve also worked in the hospital. Therefore, I know what it means to be on the sick bed. However, I’ve never visited the hospital for any medical issue or take any injection close to 2 decades. Yes, I do have malaria once in a while and I treat myself reluctantly (imagine, a pharmacist that doesn’t like taking drugs except it is very important.) I’m also very predisposed to my environment and cold so I’m always with my non-sedative antihistamine.

The truth of the matter is I’ve enjoyed great health for sometime now. I know you may think SESAN is quite lucky. I agree. But I also know that if people are consistently lucky they have a system, they are doing some things right. So, I will be sharing some health tips that have helped me and thousands of people I’ve interacted with in the past throughout this month.

Let me quickly add this that some of my strategies or tactics might be damn simple that you can quickly overlook them or underestimate them. Just apply them. It is also important for me to state that to get results and lasting results based on this series you must apply the principles DAILY for minimum of 30 days and beyond. Additionally, all of the insights I will be sharing are not REVELATIONS but REMINDERS.

Are you ready to dine with the food of great health, drink from the wine of wellness and shower with the water of vitality on a daily basis? Then, commit to not just read but apply the principles we will be sharing together throughout this month.

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May everyday of this year be filled with testimonies of success and fulfilment for us.

Many thanks for reading and applying.


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