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Peaceful morning, Your Excellency!

Today is the last day of the month of January, 2017 and I will like to share my final thought on health mastery with you before I move to another series for the month of February.
I strongly believe with every fibre of my being that you’ve learned some new insights not just with your head but with your heart. However, today’s advice is the seal of everything we’ve been discussing so far.

You see, whenever I ask people to tell me their priorities in life? Most times, their answer always goes like; God, family, friendship, purpose, business and my well-being. But the bitter truth is the foremost in our priorities should be our well-being. A person who is sick or experiencing poor health cannot serve God effectively, enjoy his relationship, fulfill his life’s purpose or build a successful business or career. Our well-being is the glue that holds every other things in our life in place.

More often than not, we care so much about others well-being while we neglect our own wellness. It’s time to take good care of YOU because YOU must be at your BEST if you want to give your BEST to our world and make our world a better place.

If you’ve been following this series you will have noticed that 80% of what we’ve been discussing has to do with our psychology, inner programming, mindset and 20% has to do with the mechanics, the strategies, the lifestyle. You know why, most of us already know what to do to experience optimum health and what not to do. However, despite knowing all these things we don’t have the courage and the discipline to always act on them. Many times, we come up with excuses to defend ourselves. No more excuse, start acting on these strategies now. Do what is good for your health and stay away from what is not. Remember, I said at the beginning of this series that the primary objective of sharing these insights with you is not increased knowledge but changed Behaviour.

How can you MASTER your health? It can only be experimentally DEVELOPED not intellectually LEARNED.

Your Excellency, I dare you to apply all these strategies on a daily basis and enjoy a healthier, happier and better life. However, I double dare myself to keep applying all these principles to become better everyday as well as to keep sharing them with millions of people in our world who want more out of life.

I wish you great health and a good life. But you have to do the work.

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The end.

Many thanks for reading.


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