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HEALTH MASTERY SERIES(The 8 Dimensions of Wellness)

Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency.

In 2014, I came up with the eight (8) dimensions of wellness after a year of research (Remember, wellness is all about achieving our full potentials). The 8 dimensions of wellness attest to the fact that we are a multidimensional and multifaceted human being. We operate from more than one plain of understanding and there may be more to US that meets the eye.

The 8 dimensions of wellness can be represented with the acronym POISE F.

P- Physical wellness: To be strong and fit.
O- Occupational wellness: To find fulfilment in what we do.
I- Intellectual wellness: To be open to new idea and be a lifelong student.
S- Social wellness: To have satisfying relationship.
Spiritual wellness: To have a good relationship with the Supreme being.
E- Emotional wellness: To love what you do and do what you love.
Environmental wellness: To understand how you affect your environment and vice versa.
F- Financial wellness: To manage your finances effectively.

The 8 dimensions of wellness are interrelated and interconnected. They work like a system, one without the other is null and void. Having all the money in this world without enjoying a good relationship with people that matter to us is failure. While success without fulfilment is ultimate failure.

In the past, I’ve taught the 8 dimensions of wellness to managers of MTN Nigeria as an Industrial Training Fund Facilitator, i’ve taught the same idea to college students at University of Ibadan as Global Leaders Leadership Academy Facilitator. And the responses were the same regardless of the age and stage people are in their lives. The kind of new lights in people’s faces when they finally realise that true well-being goes beyond physical health alone.

Based on the 8 dimensions of wellness, we can fall into one of these three category in terms of our well-being.

SUFFERING: From 0 to 10, most of our dimensions of wellness are below 5.
STRIVING: From 0 to 10, most of our dimensions of wellness are between 5 to 8.
THRIVING: From 0 to 10, most of our dimensions of wellness are above 8.

You can jungle numbers and score your grades to know where you fall in. Remember, you’re the judge and the jury. Be honest with yourself.

What dimension of wellness is your strongest? Which ones do you need to improve? How can you achieve alignment in all the 8 dimensions of wellness to enjoy a balanced life?

Honestly, it is not easy achieving optimum results in all these 8 dimensions but I keep trying my best.

Do you have any question? Kindly ask me.

Many thanks for reading.


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