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I have Masters in failures that is why I have PHD in achievements.
All of us have stories; from humble beginnings to great heights, from local champion to global influence, from low expectations to high standards, from nothing to amazing wealth. But the whole process of such transformations are characterised by failures and learning.
Sometimes, I wish people knew how I started 11 years ago. Many people just assume, how LUCKY I am. I was on TV last year for a live program, 80% of the people that called in  assumed I was one of the lucky chaps. Oh yes, I am.
A crazy young Kid instead of facing his task of studying pharmacy but decided to combine pharmacy school with writing and speaking.
I remember how for 2 years between 2008 to 2010 I learned the hard way to become a good writer through failures and rejection from 6 publishing houses. When I see the quality of my first book, “Maximize Your Life” compared to my last published book, the 6th book, “The Secrets of a Fulfilled Life” I am always pleased with my growth as an author despite the challenges of being a published thought leader in this part of the world.
I can vividly remember myself standing in front of my colleagues to do a review of my first book in 2011 during the orientation program for new 200 and 100 level students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabanjo University. It was an ordinary presentation, nothing so powerful about it. My colleagues in the Faculty just listened because they have little option not to. But I kept working; moving from secondary schools to Universities to inspire other young people thereby horning my skills, attending toastmasters, learning from the top 5 professional speakers in the world, sacrificing high paying job in the beginning of my career as a Pharmacist to have abundant time to horn my craft and my commitment to become nothing but the best all contributed to my MASSIVE growth as a professional speaker. From that young man who scrabble for the right words to a remarkable speaker who inspires professors, CEOs and leaders with his words, seminars and speaking engagements came from learning from failures.
I remember when we launched in 2016, many people were impressed with the standard and the quality of the site. But we started with, then,, then,, then, before we got to where we are today.
What are the few lessons I want us to utilize from the above useful information.
1. We have to start. No excuse. Just start where you are right now.
2. There is nothing like instant success. Follow the due process. It will make your root strong and your harvest everlasting.
3. No success without failures. Fail forward and keep failing forward with wisdom.
I have so many practical and inspiring stories to share with you that will help you have fast tempo for ACTION and a bias for RESULTS.
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May your failures become the foundation to build your successes.
Enjoy your day. I believe in you.
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To your Success,
Sesan Kareem