I wish I was taught life mastery in Secondary school. I wish I understand how life works and most importantly how I work as a human being when I was a teenager. But I found out the truths through self-learning later in life. Here are 7 truths you should share with any young person you know. If you are also young at heart, maybe you can also learn and apply them.

  1. There is no guarantee in life. People die at any age. I wish you long life but don’t waste your time on stupid things.
  2. Don’t live your life to impress others. Many people don’t really care like that. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Live your life based on your terms.
  3. Live each day as your last. Make the best use of every second you have here.
  4. Don’t compete with others. Be yourself. It is your journey, it is your life. Life is not a classroom.
  5. Don’t postpone your happiness till tomorrow. Be happy where you are with what you have. Happiness is in the journey, not at the destination.
  6. You are here to do good. Always be a blessing to others. The reward for good is no other than good.
  7. This life is short. Death is certain. Enjoy Life but always remember death and prepare for your next life.

YOU are here to learn more, become more, contribute more and experience more. So, keep learning, keep growing, keep contributing and keep savouring every moment of your life with gratitude.

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