“Whatever maybe said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” – Wallace D. Wattles

Can a man really fulfil his duties as a husband, father, son and a good citizen without having enough money? Can he make the most of his body, mind and soul without some level of financial success? Can he be truly happy and life live based on his terms if he is perpetually broke?

To fulfil his duties as a man he must be a regular provider for his family. Love find its natural expression through giving. A man that cannot provide for his family loses the respect of his wife, children, friends and contemporaries in our world where you need enough money to buy good things of life. For him to develop a healthy body, he needs enough money to buy nutritious food, wear beautiful clothes, get the best of medical care, stays in a secured and beautiful neighbourhood, have enough rest and recreation. For him to take good care of his mind, he needs enough money to buy books, go for seminars, travel to distant lands, see the beauty of the world, befriend successful people and fill his mind with truths and possibilities. For him to develop a serene soul he needs to give and to love. To give is to love, to love is to give. What brings fulfilment to the soul is giving. While there are a myriad of things man can give, the one thing many people in our world are looking for is money.

By the way, how can we define enough money? What is enough for me might not be enough for Aliko Dangote. What is enough for Aliko Dangote might not be enough for Bill Gates. Each individual must define what is enough for him to live a good life.

As I interact with people on a daily basis, I continuously find out the nexus between money and the quality of people’s life is quite high. It seems after oxygen, the next thing that is crucial to people’s survival and quality of living is money. Many people couldn’t take good care of their health because they don’t have enough money. Many intimate relationship are in trouble because of finance. A myriad of people have sound business ideas but they don’t have the capital, and most people sadness is related to lack of enough money.

I had to start studying about finance in order to improve myself financially and be able to share some practical knowledge with others to fulfil my purpose in life fully. Why I am still on the journey of financial success, I have learned some truths which I have applied in some ways.

Let me share below 7 truths I have learned that can be useful to you regardless of where you are on your road to riches.

1. To live a good life requires some level of financial success. Therefore, don’t leave it for chance, be intentional in your pursuit for financial stability. The early, the better for us.

2. Our God is Rich and free of all needs. Nature is filled with abundance. So, ask largely and have faith in Him.

3. To build sustainable wealth, we must be honest, fair and be good to all. Don’t be in a hurry. Building real wealth requires patience, persistence and perseverance. Don’t compete, create.

4. Occupation, environment, business, profession, location, age or intelligence has little to do with financial success. While they all play some roles what really determines our financial success is what we think and do on a daily basis.

5. To achieve financial progress requires thinking in a certain way. We must think big, have genuine purpose, show high dose of faith and meditate often on our ideal lifestyle. It must be a burning desire.

6. To be truly wealthy requires acting in a certain way. Whatever our hands find to do, we must do it efficiently, with all our hearts. We must exceed our customers’ expectations at all times.

7. You must be grateful for where you and for where you want to be. Many people are stagnant in life because of ingratitude. Gratitude opens doors of opportunities and prosperity.

One of the greatest duties we have in our lifetime is to be rich. We can take good care of our parents, give our children world class education, build a house of God, help the needy and most importantly we can make the most of ourselves for ourselves and for others.

Simply put, financial success is a MUST and not an option.

To your success!