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sesan kareem


The growth of an organization is sine qua non to the CULTURE of the organization. PERIOD.

How can we grow an organization? It is by *intentionally* developing a culture of EXCELLENCE, EXECUTION, UNITY OF PURPOSE, MUTUAL RESPECT, TRUST, TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in an organization.

The next magical question is, who develops the CULTURE(behaviour) of an organization? The leaders (Chief executives, managers, directors, or administrators) of an organization do. Therefore, the number one job of a business leader or owner is to INFLUENCE.

By the way, we are all products of organizations, either social, formal or informal organization. We spend our entire and daily lives in organizations; home, schools, companies, mosques, churches, work places, car, aircraft…… and what truly determines the success of such an organization is the *behaviour* of the leader; the pastor, Imam, manager, husband/father, CEO, pilot….. leading the organization. The real question now is how can a leader influence other people positively if he has not influenced himself? You know, we can’t give what we don’t have. Hmm….

In management, we call it OB-OG, Organizational Behaviour-Organizational Growth. In other words, the behaviour of the people in an organization determines the growth of such organization. 8 days ago, i was in an organization to have a meeting with the management of the company and in 30 minutes i knew how vibrant the company is in terms of behaviour. I told the Chairman, “Sir, i love the culture you’ve built here.” He replied, “i intentionally built it. I did the same in my other company.” i remarked, “i know why you are a successful business leader. Great work sir”

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