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Laughter Is a Potent Medicine

Have you ever been in a company of a very humorous person? How do you feel after watching a comedy movie? Are you quite “renewed” or not when you laugh with friends, family and sometimes with yourself? How does it feel like attending a comedy exposition?

Humor is very infectious. It is a strange infectious disease that strengthens our immune system, boosts our energy, diminishes pain, diffuses worry and protects us from the damaging effect of our modern day stressed life. The priceless medicine that is easy and convenient to use and share with others is laughter. When laughter is shared, it connects heart together, it binds friends, it takes relationship to a new height, and above all, it increases happiness and intimacy.

Laughter is a good medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Nothing works faster or more dependable to bring one’s mind and body into harmony than a hearty laugh. Laughter is a potent antidote to pain, stress, fear, doubt, worry and conflict. Humor inspires hopes, lightens problems, connects you to others and keeps you grounded, joyful and happy.In short, laughter is good for your health.

For your body; laughter boosts immunity by decreasing stress hormone and increasing immune cells. It lowers stress hormone by increasing the stimulation of endorphins, the good feeling hormones. Laughter decreases pain by relieving physical tension and relaxing the whole body. Laughter indeed is good for your body.

For your mind; laughter makes you feel good. Humor helps you keep a positive, optimized outlook to life’s twists and turns. It also gives you the courage and strength to be bigger than your problems, to renew your faith and have hope in the midst of difficulties. It adds joy and zest to life. It eases anxiety and fear, improves mood and enhances resilience, it increases energy and helps you  take things with ease. Laughter indeed is good for your soul.

Humor is good for your spirit. It attracts good people to you. It strengthens your relationship with your inner circle; good friends and family members. It enhances teamwork thereby promoting productivity. It diffuses conflicts and eases tension. It fosters emotional connection and positive feelings. It makes you alive, happy and fulfilled. It connects you to the core of your existence. Laughter indeed is good for your spirit.

Here are some recommendations to laugh often;

  1. Smile always: Smile when you greet people. Smile when you read something interesting. Smile when you think about your mistakes, challenges and success. Smile often, smile always. It is a powerful face lift. It is as contagious as laughter. Let’s live our life with a smile and die with a sunny smile.
  2. Be grateful: Count your blessings and you will always show some profit. Grateful people are happy people. If you want to be happier, be more grateful. In fact, researches have shown that the most successful and happy people in our world are grateful people.
  3. Bring humor to your life: Watch a comedy movie, go for a comedy show, spend time with happy and fun people, and bring humor into your conversation. I will rather pay for a movie that will make me laugh in a cinema than pay for an action movie because I will get a price of two for one by watching a comedy movie; entertainment and health benefits. Enjoy life to the optimum.

As you discover the health benefits of laughter, it will motivate you to do more. Laugh more, smile more, and live more. Your ingenuity will flourish, your relationship will grow, your happiness will soar and your health will be great.