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Learning is a precursor for higher EARNING. My journey in the personal development world for the last 13 years is based on the curiosity of what shapes the quality of people’s life? Is it luck, grace, destiny, background, environment, education or circumstances?

After reading thousands of articles, hundreds of books, watching tens of Youtube videos, attending various seminars and interacting with highly successful individuals in business, administration and management, I found the answer is CHOICE.

Every moment of our life, we are saddled with making choices and decisions. Successful people often make informed decisions and wise choices. How do successful people able to make wise choices and decisions MOST of the time (Remember, not all the time)? Learning.

They learn from their past experience on what works and what do not? They learn from mentors or people who are ahead of them in business and career and sometimes people around them, they learn from books, audio-visuals and attend events that shape their decision making process. They don’t just learn but they also take action.

Like Oprah Winfrey often said in her show, “when you know better, you do better.”

How can you do better things in your business and career? Know better.

How can you transform your business within shortest possible time? Know better

How can fast track your career progression? Know better

How can you accelerate your performance and double your productivity? Know better

How can you live a life filled with joy, peace and love? Know better

When we know better, then, we can do better.

At Achievers Business Forum 5.0 we will know better in order to do better.

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