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ºPeaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency.

Two weeks ago I was opportune to stumble on Channels TV 21st anniversary Live broadcast. The Founder and Chairman of Channels TV, John Momoh said in his speech, “when I started Channels TV 21 years ago many people laughed at me. Yea! They laughed because we were so small as a broadcasting station compared to the government own establishment in 1995. It is like starting a transport business with Keke Maruwa and trying to compete with ABC transport. But today, those same people come to us for advice. ”

Please let them laugh at you. Just start. Start very small with what you have. And just keep going. Many of us know how I started from a very humble beginning with little chance of success as a trainer, speaker and author despite originally trained as a pharmacist. But we remain focus on our focus. And today, we are not where we used to be and we are grateful to God for how far he has taken us within a short period of time.

Let them keep laughing at you while you keep working. However, the one who laughs aren’t successful!

The world awaits your success story. We will succeed. Keep moving.

Many thanks for reading.


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