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Sesan Kareem at the Oba of Lagos Palace



Blessed morning, Your Excellency. I hope you had a great weekend?

Life is a mystery. It’s unpredictable. Despite our grand plans for life, it always brings in new surprises. And that is good because Life is unpredictable.

In other words, we must be flexible with our plans, and remain focus on our vision and purpose in life. Some of the best opportunities that I had been blessed with in the past were not planned for. They came, I jumped at them and I became a better person.

Frustration comes when we fail to abandon our own original plan for God’s master plan for our lives. Yet, we must plan because if we fail to plan we will plan to fail. It looks complex right? I don’t think so.

A business plan most times would not go has planned yet we must have a plan to give us initial direction for the business before life events take over our decisions and choices moving forward. The same thing applies to Life. Have a plan for your life but remain open and flexible to life’s grand plan for you.

Remember, water has no constant shape, it takes the shape of the container.

Be flexible. Be fearless. Be open. Trust Yourself. I wish you well.

Have an incredible week ahead.

Many thanks for reading.


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