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Before we REST in peace we must endeavour to LIVE IN PEACE. We were brought here to learn to love who we are and the people God has surrounded us with. We were brought here to be the best, and give our BEST to the world. How can we give our BEST to the world? Is being happy and peaceful with who we are, and where we are.

We were brought here to make mistakes, to fail, to mess up, to love, to learn, to grow, to give and to live. And despite all the ups and downs of life, we have the inner power to live in peace; experience peace, share peace with our friends and family and contribute peace to our world.

Remember, we must strive hard to LIVE IN PEACE before people will say to us REST IN PEACE (Realistically, they will at the end of our life) .

I am in a stage in life, where nothing bothers me to the extent of disturbing me from experiencing inner peace. You see, I’m bigger than any problem. I also know, we CAN be bigger than any problem. When we are, ALL IS WELL.

Have a peaceful day and a peaceful life. The world awaits you.

Many thanks for reading.


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