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MONEY is the root of all GOOD

Peaceful morning.

With money we can build a house of God in our community, start a foundation, take good care of our family, support our friends, help the needy, orphan and the disadvantaged. With money, we can make our world a better place. Personally, earning huge amount of money in the RIGHT way in order to take good care of my loved ones and support humanity is a MUST for me and not an option.

However, one of the greatest causes of unhappiness in our world is MONEY. Between husbands and wives, parents and children, employers and employees and governments and the people because we’ve attached negative emotions to MONEY.

My point is, becoming financial independent should be a priority for any successful minded person (it is better to be rich and miserable than to be poor and miserable) but earning money must be done in the RIGHT way and attaching our HAPPINESS to money will cost us a lot. You can create your own HAPPINESS with what you have right now.

I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) that financial independence is a journey. And there are three things that will help us to achieve financial BREAKTHROUGH (if you’ve not achieved your WEALTH target just like me)

1. Having the right MINDSET and ATTITUDE towards money. In other words, money is not evil, it is the love of money that is evil. So, I love rich people, I admire rich people and I bless rich people.

2. Building the RIGHT skill: Have you noticed that the BEST in any field earn multiples compared to others in the same field. So, I told myself I will be the BEST in my market. In fact, I will strive hard to become the lifetime LEADER of the market I serve.

3. Acquiring the RIGHT knowledge about MONEY and wealth creation. There is different between ASSET and INCOME, ASSET and NETWORK……

Honestly, achieving financial freedom is tough. It is not a day job. But with the above strategy, I believe slowly but surely we can travel upward in our journey of earning more money to make a difference in our world.


Happy easter to all our Christian brethren across the world from Mareek team. Our commitment to serve you with sincerity and fervour remains intact. We also want to use this opportunity to thank God for His amazing Grace in our life and business and to appreciate you for believing in us. Enjoy your holiday.

Sesan Kareem
Founder and Team Leader,
Mareek Image Concepts