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My BATA that was battered by mismanagement


In my early years in the 90’s, I always looked forward to festive periods and the beginning of a new session because my mum would take me to Bata shop at Folagbade in Ijebu Ode to buy my favourite sandal or shoe. But today, where is my Bata? Bata dominated the shoe market in the country for decades and lost it to internal crises and mismanagement.

Every time I passed through Maryland to Sheraton hotel in Ikeja, two major bus stops that remind me the uncertainty of the business world include Leventis and Kingsway. These two companies where the superstores in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s before we now have Shoprite, Games and the likes. Yet, they lost their grip on the market due to mismanagement and PESTLE.

My point is, you can be the strongest player in your industry right now and still loose out if you don’t stay hungry, keep innovating and marketing your brand. The first phone I used was bought for me in 2004 by my mum, Nokia 1110, blue colour with black design. In those days, 80% of the market share in Nigeria was owned by Nokia. Motorola, Samsung and others compete for the remaining 20%. Nokia didn’t do anything wrong, but they are dominating less than 2% of the market share right now. As entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs we can’t rest on our past glory. We must stay hungry for more or otherwise we go hungry with our family.

How can you move from a strong player to the strongest player in your industry? How can you remain relevant if you are already the strongest player in your industry? How can you move from an army of three to a multibillion naira company in 5 to 10 years employing dozens of people?

All these would be explained by a professor of Organisation Transformation, Mr. Lere Baale at Achievers Business Forum 5.0. We will learn the fundamentals of organization transformation from a leader who has transformed many organisations that will help us to breakthrough our current level of growth and move to the next level of development, market share and profitability.

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To your best decade in business and top management.

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