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In 2011, during a banquet dinner at white house, President Barack Obama publicly humiliated President-elect Donald Trump to get back at him for accusing him of not being a US citizen. That night, Donald J. Trump made a firm decision to become the next President of the greatest country in the world, The United States of America.

I don’t really like this Donald Trump guy, it seems he has diarrhoea of mouth and many people across the world don’t agree to most of his philosophy of life. However, The real estate mogul is a FIGTHER. If there is one thing I learned from him is to keep fighting regardless of the odds in front of me.

Donald J. Trump fought a good fight and won. Your Excellency, keep fighting a good fight for what you belief in and have strong FAITH regardless of what the opinion polls (the facts against you), the media (people around you), the past presidents (the experts) and your enemies (your competitors) THINK, SAY and DO.

I was speaking with one of my smart friends yesterday’s night who lives far away beside the Gulf Sea and we both agreed on the second lesson I will share with us.

If God destined something for a man if the whole wide world came together to take it away from him, they will failed miserably and if God didn’t grant a man something if the whole wide world decided to give him, they will also failed remarkably.

In other words, put your TRUST in God and fight for what you believe in with FAITH, HOPE, DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE and CONSISTENCE.

We will keep succeeding. To our success.

Many thanks for reading.


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