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Personal Development and Organizational Growth

Why Personal Development and Organizational Growth?

The quality of the personnel in an organization equals the organization’s productivity and growth. When individuals within an organization become better, the organization becomes better, when personnel develop, organization develops. In this light, personal/professional development is not an OPTION, it is a MUST for serious organizations as well as goal oriented individuals.

What is Personal Development?
sesan-slider-2Personal development is a positive CHANGE in our self-image (self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-awareness), our inner programming (area of possibilities, psychology, belief system) and our attitude (thoughts, emotions) that lead to a positive CHANGE in our world (productivity, efficiency, relationship, health and finance) and subsequently a good CHANGE in the world at large.

What is Personal Development Triangle?

The Personal Development Triangle is divided into three, this include
1. Knowledge: Knowledge is from two key words KNOW and EDGE. For an Organization to have an edge over others, the team must be ahead in terms of KNOW-HOW. Know what they really want with crystal clarity and be strategic in getting what they want. Knowledge is power. And the application of the right knowledge is the ultimate power.
2. Skills: Skill is the ongoing application of knowledge through practice, experience and training. The right skills of marketing, management, leadership, communication, negotiation, customer’s service just to name a few will take individuals as well as organization to great heights.
3. Attitude: I define attitude as the way individuals or group think or feel that determine the way they behave. The right attitude of FAITH, HOPE, OPTIMISM, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMMITMENT and FOCUS will take individuals and organization to new

What controls your attitude?
1. Your Eyes (whatever your expose your eyes to): Your eyes are the window to your soul. So if you want to move to your next level, be very careful what you expose your eyes to.
2. Your ears (whatever you listen to): Be a selective listener. Listen to voices of wisdom. Listen closely, listen carefully.

The three kinds of personalities in our world;
1. The quitters: They have this perpetual habit of quitting from one thing to the other. Eventually, they’ve not mastered any skill or the right attitude of success.
2. The Achievers: They will find away. Many people in our world are achievers.
3. The Super Achievers: They believe in modeling because success leaves clues.

What are the three things that can stop individual and organization from achieving their full potential?
1. Fear: Fear of failure, fear of critics, fear of other people’s opinion…..
2. Anger: Many people use anger as a catalyst for change.
3. Greed: Instant gratification and self-centeredness in decision making.

Personal Development strategies
1. Know yourself: self-awareness is crucial for self-actualization.
2. 1-1-3-3-2-30-30-6 strategy: The effective strategy to build personal and team competence and character.
3. Modeling: There is no need of re-inventing the wheel. With proper mentoring and coaching adapted to organizational structure and individual needs, great success is achievable.

What is Organizational growth?
Organization according to Cambridge dictionary is a group whose members work together for a shared purpose in a continuing way. Growth simply means increase, expansion or progressive development. Therefore, organizational growth is a progressive development of a group whose members work together for a shared purpose in a continuing way. An efficient organization has key non-negotiable ingredients. These are shared vision, integrity, mutual respect and accountability.

2 fundamentals of Organizational Growth
1. Strategic Innovation: Strategic innovation in terms of products and services will take any company to great heights.
2. Marketing: Branding, Publicity, Advertising, Public Relation and efficient management will help any company with strategic innovation grow rapidly.

In the next 5 years what do you want to be celebrated for? In the next 5 years, what kind of growth do you want to experience as an organization? How can you turn your dreams into reality? How can the organization turn his short and medium term goals to fruition?
Three hour personal development and organizational growth training will inspire, equip and educate participants to learn more, become more, do more, give more, serve more to achieve more, accomplish more and have more because there is more to life, there is room for improvement and the best is yet to come.

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