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Sesan Kareem receiving an award of excellence at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.


Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency. It’s a brand new dawn and a brand new week that will be filled with brand new blessings for you and I.
Let’s reflect.
Change is automatic, but progress is not. Death is certain, but LIVING a good life is a CHOICE- Sesan Kareem
There is always a worthy prize for DISCOVERY. Discover what you love doing, develop and deploy it and LIFE has new meanings everyday- Sesan Kareem
Decisions shape destiny. Be bold to make them. The worst form of decision is INDECISION- Sesan Kareem
If we do the RIGHT thing at the WRONG time we will be frustrated. If we do the WRONG thing at the RIGHT time we will fail miserably. When we DO the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time we will become the models for others- Sesan Kareem
To the PROBLEMS of our life, we are the SOLUTIONS. To the QUESTIONS of our life we are the ANSWERS- Sesan Kareem
Life is too short to major the MINOR and MINOR the major. Make the main thing the main thing and the world will make you the MAIN man- Sesan Kareem
Reflect on the above insights. They are simple sentences with deep meanings. I believe the bigger your HEART the more you will connect to these powerful thoughts.
Remember, Life is too short not to LIVE with PASSION. Savour every moment of your life.
Enjoy your day, your Excellency.
You can read more of my quotes on goodreads through this link,…/quotes/16170841.Sesan_Kareem
Many thanks for reading.
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