Today, my team was on ground to train 17 team members of New Heights Pharmaceutical Ltd, Maryland, one of the most successful indigenous pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with a culture of excellence, integrity and innovation. it was indeed a life-transforming discussion. Based on our tradition we took feedbacks, 95% of our participants rates our training as excellent, the remaining 5% rates it very good, 100% wants to be part of our future trading. We asked which aspect of the 3 hours training inspired, equipped and educated them MOST, 60% said the Personal Development Triangle, specifically ATTITUDE.

THE right attitude of FAITH, DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, LOVE, PATIENCE and COMMITMENT will turn any goal into reality.

nhp-1The Personal Development Triangle includes

1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Attitude

At Mareek Image Concepts, we measure everything using pre training assessment, post training assessment, questions and answers, Individual exercise, group discussion. Before the end of our training, we are very sure we’ve made a difference in the lives of esteemed audience because of our tools and methodology.


I’ve been in many states this year helping people to become better, I’ve been blessed to engage over 3,000 audience, from over 1200 listeners at Nasfat Headquarters to just 12 participants at out last week training at New Heights Pharma. We’ve received personal feedbacks from 203 people this year and EVERYONE wanted to be part of our upcoming training when we asked them, would you be willing to be part of our future training? YES or NO.

We’ve worked assiduously to make sure we always give quantum value to our audience. Two of our values include constant growth and continuous improvement.

nhp-14We can also help your organisation to move from GOOD to GREAT or advance in EXCELLENCE. Our testimonials speak louder than our words.

Our training/speaking engagement include

1. Personal Development and Organizational Growth.

2. Optimisation, Satisfaction and Excellence ( OSE); Maximum Productivity.

3. Wellness and Healthy Living.

4. Selling With Kindness.

5. 7 Keys of Personal Transformation.

6. The Leadership of 21st Century.

7. The People’s Principle.

There is always a room for improvement. We can help you take your GAME to the next level.

Let’s talk.

I am Sesan Kareem, and i’m the team leader of Mareek Image Concepts.