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Fearenza is a state of perpetual fear that often leads to anxiety, stress and procrastination. Just like influenza spreads easily, fear can also be contagious. The antidote against fear is taking action with faith. How were you able to overcome your initial fear of driving? Action; by driving. How were you able to become a confident professional or entrepreneur? Action; by doing your job daily with faith. How can you overcome fear of any form? By taking ACTION with FAITH.

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Just like malaria is rampaging developing countries, worrylaria is also a common trend in many parts of the world. However, worrylaria is a human condition. It is just severe in some parts of the world. For example, in Africa we worry about electricity, road, and good health care. In other climes, all these are not factors of worrylaria anymore. The antidote against worrylaria is to develop a high dose of calmness at all times: accept what is beyond your control and take action on what is within your circle of influence. Today, worry less and relax more. Peace, be still. All is well.

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