I recently had an interview with swank Pharm on how we can achieve breakthrough in any area of our life this year. Here is an excerpt;


A breakthrough is a point in time when the impossible become possible because of new insights backed up by massive action plan. A breakthrough is when you finally achieved that seemingly impossible goal because you never gave up. Perhaps, you’ve failed in your first or second attempt, but finally you broke through. You lost the weight, conquered your public speaking fear, started your own business, moved your career to the next level, achieved financial prosperity or finally got marry to the love of your life after recording initial failures. Whatever your big hairy audacious goals in 2017, by applying these master principles you will be able to turn them to reality? The good news is you’ve achieved breakthrough in the past, let’s us do it again.

The three master principles to achieve breakthrough are:


The right strategy will save you years of trial and error, frustration and painful learning experiences. The right strategy will shorten the time and effort you need to turn your goals into reality this year. Just like applying the right strategy of flying from Lagos to Abuja in one hour will save you minimum of 8 hours compared to travelling on road for 10 to 12 hours, the right strategy will get you results quicker and grander with less stress. I’m a hunter of human excellence, my job as a health and life strategist is to get the best strategies on earth and shared them with successful individuals to take their game to the next level. So, it is your duty to get and apply the right strategies to achieve breakthrough in your business, health, relationship, personal development and happiness this year.


More than the right strategy, the right story is the second thing you need to turn your smart goals into reality. You need to have faith that you can do it. You must be totally convinced in the hearts of your heart that your goals are possible and achievable. The right strategy without the right story will always lead to failure……..

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