Ahmed I. Yakasai


The book entitled “The 7 Secrets of Amazing Health” could not have come out at a time better than this. Its delivery is therefore timely. According to World Health Organization, Non Communicable Diseases Kill 38 million people each year, these include Cardiovascular Diseases (17.5 million), Cancers (8.2 million), Respiratory Diseases (4 million), and Diabetes (1.5 million).

It has been shown over the years, backed by series of researches that diseases could be prevented and controlled by following some prescribed health tips and lifestyle modifications. These lifestyle modifications when properly applied and religiously followed will not only lead to an improved quality of life but also high life expectancy.

Leading and living a healthy life sounds easy enough but there are a lot of obstacles trying to divert our attention from eating healthy, making healthy choices and exercising. Therefore, the secrets to a great health require detailed information and procedures from a Teacher, Coach or Health personnel well-grounded and rounded in healthy living and wellness. Sesan Kareem, being a wellness and healthy living facilitator of Industrial Training Fund (ITF), a health Columnist in pharmanews and a Pharmacist is an authority on healthy living with many years of experience acquired through learning, re-learning and practical oriented teaching. He has trained several top notch organisations on health strategies and personal development.

The book is not only a well-researched, informative and enlightening, it is also very appealing. From the first chapter that focuses on the meaning of health, to other chapters that discuss the dimensions of wellness, know your numbers, respect your body, honour your mind and to the last chapter, savour your spirit, the book contains practical and well laid down healthy rules and tips required to maintain and improved quality of life and prevention of ailments that could reduce life expectancy. It could be termed a healthy tips encyclopedia. The tips are conveyed in lucid, concise and simple words for better understanding and application. This is one of the most powerful books on health psychology.

I therefore recommend “The 7 Secrets of Amazing Health” to everyone, most especially the health-conscious people, the geriatrics, people living with one form of disease or the other and everyone yearning for sound health and productivity. Teachers, Health Coaches and Health Practitioners will also find the book a good companion. In the words of a renowned philosopher, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” We have as a matter of moral responsibility and obligation to concern ourselves with the healing of our own lives.

The time and effort you invest in this book will be worth-while.

Pharm. Ahmed I. Yakasai, FPSN, FNIM, FNAPharm

President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria.

PS: The 7 Secrets of Amazing Health will be released on World Health Day, April 7, 2018.

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