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The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence In Adolescent Development

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, utilize and manage emotions. Adolescents who have emotional intelligence will be able to show their emotions appropriately according to circumstances, situations and conditions. On the other hand, teenagers who are not emotionally intelligent wouldn’t be able to handle situations appropriately. Studies have shown that adolescent who are not emotionally intelligent are easily affected by negative events, opinions, people and things.

Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in adolescent development. A research conducted by Nusaibah Nur Furqani of University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia which was delivered during the 5th ASEAN Conference on Psychology, Counselling, and Humanities (ACPCH 2019) shows that emotional intelligence is fundamental in adolescent development.

Adolescent development is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. This change is marked by physical, hormonal, social and mental changes. These changes in adolescent can cause abnormalities if not well-handled and well-managed. This stage is the most vulnerable for teenagers and young adults. Many adolescent experience life events that may alter their belief system, attitude and behaviour for life during this developmental stage.

More often than not, teenagers find it difficult to maintain good relationship with their parents. It is because at this developmental stage, teenagers can be easily influenced by peer pressure from friends and the society. Changes in emotions make teens have high confidence without proper judgement, which makes it difficult to receive wise advice from parents. At this stage, teenagers also experience physical changes in their body and sexuality. Sex related behaviour is one of the key behaviours develop among teenagers. Sexual curiosity often lead to sexual behaviour.

Adolescent development becomes a critical period marked by remarkable changes in physical and mental development. This transition period marks the need for mental adjustments and the formation of new interest, attitudes and values. The transformational period implies that they have outgrown childhood but not an adult yet. So, if an adolescent behaves like a child, he will be reminded to act according to his age. When he behaves like a full grown adult, he is often accused of disrespect or being out of track. This unclear transition period gives teenagers the opportunity to try various patterns of behaviours, traits, styles and values that are in accordance with their wishes and desires.

Results of various studies on the roles of emotional intelligence and the transition that occurs among adolescent show that emotional intelligence is essential for adolescent development and plays a critical role in every stage of their development. It is also a fact that teenage girls have high emotional intelligence that teenage boys. I strongly believe this is one of the major reasons raising teenage boys requires special effort.

High emotional intelligence in adolescent impacts the process of good social interaction by improving social quotient, establishment of good self-image by improving self-awareness, increase of academic performance by improving intelligent quotient and the prevention of destructive behaviour by improving relationship management.

In other words, emotional intelligent teenagers and young adults are able to develop and maintain good social relationship with others, manage negative emotions like fear, anger or sadness, improve personal and academic performance, reduce stress or frustration due to problems they experience or challenges they encountered, and be able to understand other people’s emotions effectively. Conversely, teenagers and young adults with low emotional intelligence tend to display negative behaviour and exacerbate mental health or depression.

In conclusion, the benefits of emotional intelligence in adolescent development can never be over-emphasized and researches have backed this up again and again.

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