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The Law of Gratitude states that “The more you are grateful, the more you have more to be grateful for.” In other words, being grateful for our current blessings guarantee us more blessings to be grateful for in the nearest future.

Studies conducted in the United States showed that grateful people earn more money and are better at innovation. Gratitude helps you to think and act in a successful way.

Gratitude creates harmony between the spirit of man and Divine spirit. God is rich, free of all needs. Nature is filled with ABUNDANT riches from God. Possessing the attitude of gratitude enables us to have a sound relationship with God, which enable us to easily partake in His abundance, riches and blessings.

Gratitude is essential in turning dream into reality. A man who can sincerely appreciate God for what he can only see in his vision has real faith. He will certainly get what he wants out of life. He will be successful, his dream will come true.

Gratitude allows us to focus our attention on the good, the beautiful, the amazing, the increase and the best. A man that always think about the best, we feel like the best, do the best, attract the best and enjoy the best.

Ingratitude focuses people’s attention on the poor, the less, the ugly, the mean, and the loss. A man who always focuses on lack will think about lack, experience lack, attract lack because he lacks the attitude of gratitude.

Being grateful does not only guarantee us blessings in the future, it also helps us to experience peace, joy and excitement in the present and allow us to count our blessings of the past.

The Law of Gratitude is happening moment by moment and also in the long run. Whenever you show deep and profound gratitude you must feel blessed, relaxed and good about yourself. In the long run, it shapes how you handle life challenges and circumstances.

Gratitude is part of the equation of a good life. It results into peace of mind. And true happiness lies in peace of mind. You see, you can’t be grateful and be fearful, doubtful, miserable or angry simultaneously. Therefore, the majority of the diseases of the heart can be overcome by cultivating the attitude of gratitude.

Life is not about what happens to you, but what happens in you and what you do about it. Regardless of what life throws at you, cultivating the habit of gratitude will always help you to focus on the positive side of things and take appropriate action.

For the law of gratitude to work in your favour, you must show deep, profound, strong and consistent gratitude. Anything less than this, will not work effectively.

Remember, you are blessed and highly favoured; always have been and always will be. By the way, which of the favour of your Lord can you deny?

Develop an attitude of gratitude, a lifestyle of thanksgiving and a habit of appreciation.

Are you feeling depressed or overwhelmed? To reprogram your mind for peace and joy, start the gratitude journal. Write down 20 things you are grateful for every morning. And always look out for opportunities to expand your gratitude list everyday. This simple exercise works like magic. It won’t fail you, if you do the exercise every day for at least 7 days.

Stay Strong!
Stay Blessed!
God Bless!

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Peace, Joy, Love