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One of my role models, in fact, my grand role model taught me the ultimate life’s secret. Born 1488 years ago, Mohammad Rosulahi, the wise of the wisest opined, “Live each day as your last day on earth but learn as if you’re going to live forever ” In the above simple sentence lies everything we need to lead a good life in this world and in the hereafter.

When we live as if today is our last, we do what we love and love what we do, we have no anger, greed or hatred in our hearts, we will only concentrate on the major and not the minor, we won’t allow our deepest fear to be bigger than our greatest dreams, we won’t postpone our happiness to tomorrow or give less that our best to the world. We will value everyone in our lives. We will take life easy and set our priorities right. We will have a good relationship with our creator.

When we learn as if we will live forever we will keep growing and improving. We will be a student for life, we will be open to new ideas, new perspective, new insights and new ways of doing things. And success, greatness, fulfillment, impact and every other things that make life exceptionally well lived will become part and parcel of our life because knowledge is the foundation of all successes and wisdom is the principal thing.

I know that knowing is different from doing but because we live each day as if it is our last, we will definitely apply the principles we’ve learned immediately.

Think about this; if today is your last day, won’t you be HAPPY, take life easy, give the world your best, have peace in the heart of your hearts, forgive quickly and savour every moment of your last hours.

Come to think of it; How are we sure today is not our last? Hmmm. Wow. Incredible. Please don’t be afraid, you won’t die today. But the bitter truth is people die every day.

My name sake, the first AHMAD was and is the best example to follow and as the world celebrated his birthday two days ago, I reflected on the lessons I’ve learned from this exceptional leader of all time in my life and the greatest principle I have learned so far that has transformed me inside and out is to live each day as if it is my last and learn as if I will live forever.

May the blessings of God be with Muhammad Rosulahi (SAW), his family and all the believers.

Have a blessed day ahead. Your Excellency, live as if today is your last day and learn as if you will live forever.

Many thanks for reading my thoughts. I appreciate you so much.

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