1. What is so special about his work?

An experience with Sesan Kareem will remind you of the truths you already know about life but you are taking for granted. He will help you simplified these truths so that you will be totally convinced about living a concious life and taking action towards your ideal.

2. What separates him from other thought leaders in the human capital development industry?

Sesan’s authencity and creativity in his teachings is first class. He brings clarity and calmness to issues affecting everyday human experiences. He helps his audience to build their own principles, do their own thinking and believe in the power within them. With his playful and mindful teaching approach, 3 hours often look like 30 minutes and you can’t stop the transformation process conciously unleashing within you.

3. How is he qualified to teach others?

Sesan is a personal development wizard. Having developed himself as a prolific author, transformational speaker, certified trainer, full potential coach, management consultant, budding entrepreneur, seasoned administrator despite having is original training as a pharmacist. Sesan’s life is a message itself on Self-Development. Sesan’s has spent 11 years in researching and learning on what shapes human performance, results and quality of life. His productivity is a testimony to the power of his teachings.

4. Why should I trust him to help me get results?

Sesan has silently coached top personalities to overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve seemingly impossible goals. He has inspired thousands of lives through his seminars, trainings and appearances on TV, Radio, Newspaper and online. He is an outcome focused individual. He gets paid for helping people get RESULTS they desire.

5. What organizations have benefited from Sesan’s talents?

Top organizations in telecommunications, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, banking as well as religious organizations, professional bodies and government ministries have been blessed with sesan’s gifts, tools, strategies and teachings. His work has touched people from all walks of life across the globe.

6. What experience does a young man like him has to help others?

Sesan’s ability is a gift from God. However, in over a decade, he has surrounded himself with great mentors who have trained him well. Sesan has great experience in publishing, training, human capital development, administration, healthcare, leadership, consulting and entrepreneurship. He has met personally with President, Governors, Captains of industry, Super Stars and have engaged some of them in a pragmantic way. He has travelled far and wide within the country meeting and learning from people. Indeed, his family and friends are really proud of him.

7. What education has he possessed to help others?

Sesan has an international Award In Delivery Training from United Kingdom, Certificates in Leadership from Nigeria, Certificates in Management and Entrepreneurship from United States, Bachelor in Pharmacy from Nigeria, Certificate in New Media Marketing from Google and will soon bag a Master in Public Administration with a bias in Human Resources from one of Nigeria’s top University in the city of Lagos. He is a diligent student of the greatest in his industry. He has invested most of his earnings in his self-growth.

Do you really want to improve your performance? Are you keen to increase your organization’s productivity? Are you committed to double your sales and profitability? Are you tired of investing in training and development without getting real value for your effort? Are you READY to have an engaged workforce with optimum well being and enjoy its benefits?

Look no further, SESAN KAREEM and his team will provide all the answers to all these questions and desires. We even have 10 million Naira Guarantee for your assurance.

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