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Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency. My sincere prayer is this new week will be filled with new blessings for you and your household.

On Saturday, November 26, 2016, I facilitated a 3 hours life-transforming training on personal development and organizational growth for one of the leading indigenous pharmaceutical companies in the country. After the training, a lady who is a supervisor shared this observation and later asked this interesting question, “when I first came in, if you noticed I went back. Then, came in again.”
I replied, “Yes, I noticed. You were the first person to enter the training room” She continued, “I went back because I thought the trainer wasn’t yet around. I was expecting an elderly person that looked quite sophisticated. But I met a simple and smiling young man and a lady. I was informed my the HR manager that you’re the trainer after leaving that was the reason I came back” I asked, “Madam, please what is your question? ” She said, “How on earth did you acquire these knowledge, skills and simple attitude” I smiled and replied, “I’m used to this question. But this is the truth, if we dedicate ourselves to a particular purpose and keep improving on a daily basis. We can become a world class in anything we set our mind to do. I’ve been during this for a decade now. In addition, until we understand something so well and can make it so simple that anyone who is ready to learn can get it and apply it, we are not yet an expert. Anyone can make something complex but true genius lies in simplicity.” She remarked, “Thank you so much. This is the best training I have experienced in years.”

Simplicity is the friend of execution. I am so good at helping people to get RESULTS within a short period of time because I make my training/teaching so damn simple, you can hardly miss it. This is my comparative advantage; instant transformation of the minds of my trainees.

My challenge for us is this; how can we lead a more simple life and make things simple for ourselves and others?

I’ve found out that some of the most successful people in our world believe in simplicity; Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate and Barack Obama just to name but a few are good examples of super achievers with simple personalities. 90 percent of my mentors are highly successful people yet simple to a fault.

Remember, true genius lies in simplicity.

Many thanks for reading.


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