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Sesan Kareem, The Full Potential Coach With Mr. Lekan Asuni at GMP Leadership workshop.


Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency. Warmest greetings to you.
I was invited sometimes last year as a keynote speaker for a National Conference at Abuja. I’ve been in constant communication with the person in charge of the programme. I was in my mentor’s hotel room in the morning of my own session when this man called him that he would be coming to see him. My mentor told him Sesan Kareem is even with me now, you can finally meet him. When he came in, I opened the door for him and I greeted him. He walked in, saw my mentor and exchange greetings with him and he was looking around the room to see Sesan Kareem. My mentor started laughing and he said you’re looking for Sesan Kareem right. He replied with a nod. My mentor said, he is the young man that just opened the door for you. He was shocked and surprised. Based on what he has heard I think he was expecting someone bigger and tougher, not this gentle young man.
He took me to the venue and he was in charge of doing my introduction. Honestly, he gave me a lousy introduction (He had to make a disclaimer in the middle of my profile because it sounded too good to be true comparing the man people could see in their front)
I smiled after the introduction, entered the stage and I did what I know how to do best. After an hour, the participants were inspired, motivated and challenged to become better everyday, including my new friend who did my introduction. He was in charge of the microphone again and the rhetoric changed. He was so impressed and mesmerised, He said, this is the best we’ve had so far in this conference.
I’m not sharing this story to impress anyone, trust me, I’m not in for that. However, I’m sharing this story to challenge us to surpass our clients’ expectations and just fall in love with serving them. This is my philosophy as a speaker when people invite me, “Assuming i’m being paid 6 digits for this engagement and the most important guest at the event is the President of this country, how will I prepare for this” But this is the most important question I always ask myself, “Perhaps, this will be my last speaking engagement on earth, will I give lest than my best” The answers to these questions have really helped me in the past to give more than it is expected by my clients.
Give more than you get pay for to make a deposit into your future. Go extra mile to add immense value to your customers. Fall in love with the idea of helping your clients to get the BEST and they will love you for it. I know it’s tough at the beginning doing all these, but it will definitely worth it in the long run.
Have a great week ahead.
Many thanks for reading.
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