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Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency. TGIF (Thank God I’m Fabulous, oh rather, Thank God It’s Friday)

We read the past. Books contain the secrets of life. Holy books contain stories of the past and the principles about the fundamentals of a good life, like gratitude, humility, integrity, patience, sacrifice, discipline and I know you know the rest. Many times, when I meet people they are often surprised with my deep knowledge as a young man, but the simple truth is we are in the age of achievements provided we are adequately informed and hungry to learn. Read good books, you will never remain the same.

However, while we read the past, It is our duty to WRITE the future. Reading all the books in the world will not make a difference in our lives if we don’t apply them and WRITE our own story. You are the AUTHOR of your life’s book. I hope when you finish that book it will be filled with inspiring stories of how you not just face life’s problems and challenges but how you overcome them with Faith, Determination and Focus. I hope the book will be filled with a real message of how you STAND out, pay the price of success, surpass expectations and become the BEST you can ever be. I sincerely hope that your book will be a true blessing to those coming behind us, that you never allow FEAR or DOUBT to stop you from living your dreams and being a blessing to our world. And because you came this way, our world never remain the same, you contributed your own quota to the growth and development of our world. I honestly hope, you wouldn’t be one of those timid souls who never experiences the joy of victory because they play it SAFE and remains in their cocoon of FEAR nor experiences the necessary pain of DEFEAT that makes us BETTER because they never try.

Your Excellency, what stories are you writing? How will your book be an inspiration to our world even as you currently travel through the journey of life? What do you want to be remembered for after death?

I pray my book would be filled with inspiring stories of maximum productivity, an obsession to help others to grow and become better and a life well spent in service to God through humanity. I sincerely pray so, but I’m working on it 247, 365.

Read the past, but above all, write the FUTURE. The world awaits us.


I was invited last week Friday by the programme director of Traffic Radio to come and share my insight with the public for public good. I couldn’t make it because of another important event at my office. Today, by the special Grace of God I will be there LIVE. Please join me this morning by 8:30 am as I share some of my thought-provoking and action-driven strategies.


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