How To Raise A Smart And Healthy Toddler

As a parent, I am always concerned about my daughter optimum wellbeing.

Is she in good state of health? Is she learning optimally? Is she having enough sleep? Is she progressing in all areas of growth like her peers?

If you are like me, it is normal to want your little angel to be the best and brightest, and it will be abnormal if you are not concerned about your child’s development.

How can you nurture your baby to be smart, healthy and happy? What can you do to ensure they reach their full potential? What actions must you not take in your journey of becoming a successful parent?

 I also had similar questions in my mind when my wife informed me that she was pregnant some years back. I made up my mind to raise a smart, healthy and happy baby. As a researcher, author and pharmacist I started studying materials on this topic. I found a lot of information and distilled them to few truths. Then, I go all out to apply them.

First, I made sure my wife had adequate rest in her third trimester (As a pharmacist her schedule was busy so I told her to get a break), we both agreed to do exclusive breastfeeding for our new born for the first 6 months of life and my wife decided to keep breastfeeding her for up to 15 months. We also fed her with a baby formula rich in fruits and fibre. We exposed her to outdoor activities from 6 months. She started learning and development from 9 months, we reduced her exposure to screen (TV, phone or Tablet) to less than an hour per day, invested in developmental appropriate toys, communicate regularly with her and allow her to participate in chores from 18 months. Our daughter grew up very smart, beautiful, healthy and full of life. Neighbours, friends, visitors and other parents started asking us questions about how we were able to raise such a wealthy kid. Our approach is to remind them that each child developmental journey is different and there are other factors like genetics, sex of the baby, and adjusted birth dates that influence developmental milestones. However, we also point out to them few good habits we use to raise our daughter. When they followed our guide, they gave us positive feedbacks. So, I decided to share this information with every parent and intending parent who cares to listen and desire to give their babies the best start in life.

This short guide if APPLY will help you

  • experience peace of mind in your journey of raising a healthy, happy and smart toddler full of life and energy.
  • Save you stress, money and time associated with raising a kid properly if you miss it in the first 1000 days of life.
  • Experience the joy of laying a solid foundation for your child’s future.
  • Become an inspiration to other parents just like me.


Wow,  This is a must read for every parent and guardian. The narration was excellent I related to it practically. I will definitely work on them. Welldone Pharm
Thank you

Mrs Ayobamiji, Abuja, Nigeria.

Every parent needs to be equipped with how to help their children’s self esteem and wellbeing, this was beautifully written to capture most of the things that can be done.Thank you for this piece…more ink to your pen!

Mrs Adebanjo, Ontario, Canada

SK’s piece on raising a wealthy kid is concise and rich. It emphasizes the fact that as parents the onus lies greatly on us to bring up healthy and wealthy children. It points out that raising them well requires us to be intentional from the point of conception and as they grow. Also, we need to be equipped with the right information. The parent is the most important person a child needs to be brought up properly.

Mrs Ajose, Ogun, Nigeria.

As a successful parent and grandparent, this insightful guide reminded me of how I was able to raise all my kids to become contented adults. Besides, I also learned new insights on parenting based on the new challenges faced by parents in our new world. It is a practical guide for any young parent who desires to raise a smart and healthy kid that will grow up as a blessing to humanity.  Well done to Sesan, for this powerful gift to humanity.

Dr. Olomu, London, United kingdom

It is practical and very interesting to read…. its useful to me as a parent and I hope to see more of this in the future.

Mrs. Kareem, Lagos, Nigeria.