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I asked her, “Now, that you just cheat death. How do you take life” She replied, “I now take life easy but with purpose. Before now, I always feel uncomfortable when people cannot match my mental capacity. After surviving this serious auto crash, I now appreciate life more and everyone around me”
I asked further, “How will you live the rest of your life?” she replied enthusiastically, “With love, purpose, gratitude and happiness.” I said, “oh I love that.”

I coached her further, “Life is too short to major the minor and minor the major. You were brought here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow, contribute and become your best to give our world the BEST. Henceforth, live each day as if it’s your last day and give your best at all times. I wish you well. ”
Sometimes, just one event can completely CHANGE people’s VALUE, rules of life and inner programming. What event in your life can you reflect on and learn vital lessons from? How can you use your past as a mentor for your future? In what ways can you make today counts?

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